vrijdag 26 februari 2010


This is my own imgsrc account:


As you will see I did not make an album (yet).
Why have an imgsrc account, if you do not use it?
The reason is that when you have your own account,
you get rid of all these pop-ups!
There is also another reason:
there are many users that allow downloading their
complete album(s). To do this you need an imgsrc

Of course you are interested in passwords for the
imgsrc albums protected with a password.

A lot of you do not know that many imgsrc users give
information about the password!

When the password is EZ it means 12345
When the password is ZE it means 54321
EZZE means 1234554321

These passes work most of the times.
If it does not work, you are just unlucky.
You can always ask the imgsrc user for the pass!

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